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Staff of parthalan dlc

Staff of parthalan dlc

Name: Staff of parthalan dlc

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melee weapon and as a mage's staff. In the Dragon Age (tabletop RPG), the Staff of Parthalan is available as a "permanent magic item" reward for. Act. DLC . In the list of Bonus Items, find the 'Staff of Parthalan' item, and click on the link for ' Register for the. BioWare Newsletter': 3. On the following page, enter your EA. I am kinda partial to the Staff of Parthalan because it came with the DLC that was included with the CE. But if anyone knows of a better, more.

Dragon age 2 staff of parthalan dlc download. Click here to get file. Revised visuals still featuring copious amounts of blood. Dao s armored ogre da2 s ogre. Hey I was wondering if anyone knew how you could obtain the Staff of Parthalan. I know it is part of the Promotional Pack DLC. permalink. 29 Mar No. The Staff of Parthalan is a DLC item and thus cannot be distributed via DANexus. 2.) There's an alternative that involves adding the.

but all i saw was the exiled prince and the other dlc For PS3 users having trouble unlocking the Staff of Parthalan for their version of. A new enchanted staff that improves as you level up. Two all new armor sets for high and low level players. Three follower items for Anders, Bethany, and Merril. Ask New Question. Quora User. Answered Jan 14, It's the Staff of Parthalan according to BioWare 25 Mar Another chance to grab a great DLC collection for Dragon Age. Staff of Parthalan; Pendant of the Morning Frost; Arlathan Focusing Crystal. Has anyone noticed how the backstory for the staff is drastically If it was premium dlc and an item i paid for then i would prob have a diff view.

Staff of Parthalan. Pendant of the Morning Frost. Arlathan Focusing Crystal. The High Lord's Belt. The Antivan Garrote. Band of Stolen Shadows. [Archive] Dragon Age 2 - Staff of Parthalan In-Game Item News (http:// 7 Mar On that page click the link that says "Click Here" to claim the staff, and it'll redirect PS3 version for the Staff of Parthalan (if you haven't gotten it already) should unlock. Is the new Dragon Age 2 DLC worth dusting my copy. Staff of Parthalan, Staff - BioWare Promotion Hayder's Razor, 2H Sword - Completed Demo Evra's Might, Ring - Dragon Age Legends Air of Confidence, Ring.